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We know that life can sometimes be difficult. This can be caused by work, stress, relationships, illness, bereavements, loss and many more issues. We believe that counselling gives you the opportunity to explore your issues in a non-judgemental environment. We will work alongside you and by building a warm, empathic relationship together we will help you to feel empowered within your life and to move forward. 


Like adults children no matter how young can be effected death, bullying family issues. We ate very aware that if these are left it can have a life changing effect in their lives as they mature to an adult. Through play we are able to help children no matter what age to feel safe enough to share their problems


All Counsellors need Supervision, whilst at as a student and once qualified. We are also able to offer that very important support and guidance throughout a counsellors career so they always have that safety net when they need it


Relationship therapy

We understand that all relationships can be tested and often communication is the first sign of change. Therapy can help to provide a space to hear each other in an impartial setting .  It helps to build that communication back to a healthy place so that you can continue to enjoy a good relationship together. 


Grief therapy

Bereavement can feel very lonely and  often as if you are in a dark place. Being in a space where you can openly share your emotions, whether they be happy, sad, angry, confused or overwhelming we can help to make sense of these feelings. Having an impartial therapist will allow you the freedom of honesty  without fear of judgement. 


Cancer support

Having a cancer diagnosis can be a scary and shocking time. The ripple effect on your family and friends  mean that quite often we feel we don't want to 'put on' others and need to have a brave face. Therapy is a place to take that face off and gain some neutral support which will provide you with a constant, secure space at a time when life can feel the opposite. 


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